Lien vers ce message 20 Février 2016, 13:57

BI a lancé une alerte de sécurité au sujet de l'accês au Feedback Tracker.

We have discovered a potential security breach of the Mantis Feedback Tracker systems, which we use to collect feedback and bug reports for our games Arma 3 ( and DayZ (

While there is currently no evidence which indicates that the hackers were successful in their attempt to collect user data, we have decided to take all Feedback Tracker systems offline, so we can investigate the issue further.

As a safety precaution, even though we do not believe user data was accessed, we strongly recommend all users of and who have used the same password elsewhere to change it immediately on all applicable websites and services. Since the Feedback Tracker systems use their own account systems, we can confirm that other Bohemia systems, such as Bohemia Accounts, were not compromised..

Pour faire simple et en .fr : La découverte d'une brêche de sécurité ... nous conduit à mettre hors ligne le Feedback Tracker ... et à recommander aux utilisateurs de changer leur mot de passe s'ils avaient utiliser le même mot de passe sur d'autres sites ou services